Close the Schools

“A few years ago, my good friend Brian opened his heart to me and a few other friends about a tragedy in his family. Brian’s teenage son had been brutally murdered some time before and Brian was reflecting on his loving memory of his son and the heartbreak of losing him.

Interestingly, Brian blamed himself for his son’s death because he had allowed his son to be in a dangerous situation and a dangerous place where the murder occurred.

Too late, Brian learned that his son was regularly associating with dangerous people who had no regard for the child’s safety. 

Too late, Brian learned that almost every day his son was hanging out in a place where he was distracted from his studies, and where illegal drugs were being sold and used.

Too late, Brian found out that his son was spending large portions of his day in a Godless environment where sexual perversions were practiced, where disrespect for proper authority was encouraged, and where bullying and fighting were everyday practices.

Brian loved his son. Brian and his wife are good, caring, respected citizens. Some of us tried to sympathize with Brian and argued that he should not blame himself for the loss of his son, but Brian was unmoved by what we said.

You see, Brian Rohrbough’s son was murdered at Columbine.

And Brian doesn’t blame guns; he blames himself.

He blames himself for being unfaithful and disobedient to God, He blames himself for being lulled into believing that a Godless government school system would be a healthy and safe place for his son.

Brian pleaded with all of us not to make the same mistake.”

– Michael Anthony Peroutka