Was Trevin Wax Misrepresented?

Recently, I was publically charged with misrepresenting Trevin Wax, a blogger on The Gospel Coalition (TGC). Trevin is also the managing Editor for Lifeway’s newest intensive Bible study, titled, “The Gospel Project”.


I take such charges seriously. Normally, I dismiss such things as frivolous, mostly because the majority of such vitriol comes from the mouths of ignorant men, but this time, the charge comes from a brother. I cannot ignore it. It was a public charge and therefore deserves a public response. It’s worth noting that I did not use the term heretic in the post, so the silly charge of throwing around the word “heretic” too easily is just that, silly and untrue. The danger is that others will read such statements and unfortunately assume it is true.

Back in February of last year, I wrote a post on Trevin, Lifeway, the SBC and the whole Gospel project thing, including Trevin’s publically stated beliefs. You can read the post here.

Fact’s are hard things for people to swallow sometimes. I understand that. But let there be no mistake. I misrepresented no one in this case. You’ve heard the old saying that the proof is in the pudding. Well, here’s the pudding my dear readers.

I stated in the post that Gospel contemplationism was a heresy. I stand by that completely. Christ didn’t die on the cross so we could live a lawless life.

As for misrepresenting Trevin Wax, I do not see it. I quoted him, with sources. No words twisted, nada.

Trevin himself boasts of denying the biblical doctrine of limited atonement, of being an Amyraldian.

Trevin says he doesn’t believe regeneration precedes faith, which means he not only has the order of salvation ( ordo salutis ) wrong, but believes, and here says, that man is partially responsible for saving himself and takes the first action towards it – which means at the very least, in his view, salvation is synergistic, not monergistic, and man gets credit.

He claims to be Baptist. Calvinist. Wrong on both accounts. He’s not.

Sorry folks, I don’t see any misrepresentation here. I certainly will not apologize for pointing out to you a man who is proclaiming a salvific error – and publishing it on paper for the entire Church to read and be educated by via the SBC.

But, I’ll let you judge me, go ahead. Just be sure and use Scripture when you do so. It is, after all, the final authority.

The only contact I have ever had with Trevin is this recent exchange:


I’ve never met Trevin. Never had a conversation with him. I only know what he has stated publically regarding his beliefs.

His tweet says it all, and reveals much about the arrogance and misguided teaching of TGC.