John Piper: Christians Don’t Need Guns in Their Homes

Apart from written Scripture, Christians are never to arrive at final conclusions regarding instruction on life and godliness by the examples of men, ever, not even from missionaries or popular preachers.

The written Word of God, alone, is God’s revelation to His people regarding such things.

This counsel from Dr. John Piper, is most absurd. I just don’t have other words to describe it. 

The thinking that, if you have a gun, and are being threatened, and that you’re ready to go to heaven but your attacker(s) is obviously not, therefore, I’ll just shoot my gun into the air and be martyred to the glory of God is about the most unbiblical, and nonsensical philosophy regarding guns and the defense, preservation of the family and self that I have heard in quite some time, maybe ever. Just absolutely absurd.

For every season, John Piper, there is, among other things, a time to kill. Ecclesiastes 3:3.

If the missionaries to the Waodani tribe in Ecuador in 1956, which included Jim Elliot, had guns, and they did not use them, but chose instead to be killed for the reason that their attackers were not ready for or would not go to heaven if shot and killed, then their decision to be speared to death rather than defend their lives was a decision for, and an act of, suicide, not martyrdom in the cause of Christ.

Piper, in this case, is giving unwise, unbiblical, unsubstantiated advice.