A Woman’s Great Mistake

You shall not commit adultery. – Exodus 20:14

Updated: It may be helpful in understanding the quote below knowing a few things in context. The seventh commandment is concerned with protecting marriage. Next to the covenant with Christ to be your Savior, there is no covenant more sacred. The importance of marriage transcends the family and the social structure.  God ordained marriage prior to man’s fall into sin, It is not good that man should be alone.  Gen 2:18. Marriage is not primarily about family or children, neither is it primarily about mankind’s need for love and communication. Marriage is about mankind fulfilling its creation mandate.  Gen. 1:28. When the focus of marriage is shifted away from mankind’s responsibility and service to God, it undermines the concept of living responsibly. If a person has no responsibility to God, then he has no responsibility to anyone but himself. Man was called to work, in service to God Genesis 2:15. God created Eve only after Adam proved himself responsible in his work. Work, regardless of vocation, is part of the calling in obedience and service to God in a marriage.

If marriage cannot be reduced to sex, neither can it be reduced to love. The Scripture gives no ground whatsoever to the idea that a marriage can be terminated when love ends. While love is important to a marriage, it cannot replace God’s law as the essential bond of marriage. Moreover, a woman can make no greater mistake than to assume that she can take priority in her husband’s life over his work. He will love her with a personal warmth and tenderness as no other person, but a man’s life is his work, not his wife, and the failure of women to understand this can do serious harm to a marriage. – R.J. Rushdoony