2012 Eisogesis of the Year Award

Ok, so it’s January 7, 2013. This being an eisogesis award, and since 2012 is no longer here, I’ll just have to read into it. Seems only appropriate…. In fact, this particular award goes to a man who actually made this eisogetical gem back in November of 2011. Let’s read into that as well, again, appropriate.

From here on out, however, this illustrious award will be restricted to eisogetical comments, posts and/or expositional attempts throughout the current year. The next one will be presented (D.V.) in December 2013.

These modern times have been a long and ‘fruitful’ age for eisogesis among theologians and respective wanna-be’s, and,  there were many, many who stayed strong in the running for 5ptsalts first ever Eisogesis of the Year Award, even to the very end of December, 2012. All in all, it was a tight race. And, while many were popular with the populace, that did not in itself assure a winner.

But! After careful examination, along with all credible merits and influential whatevers, we do have a winner. After a long and thorough check at our past records (read screen-shots, comments, notepad scribbles, and paper napkin make-note-of-that-one – AS IF – we-have-nothing-better-to-do’s) we have arrived at what I believe to be the most absurd, non-intelligent, unbiblical, non-exegetical and most unhelpful comment or post I’ve seen in quite some time….award. All the while, I keep in mind that heresy is not ‘a disagreement’, it is a lie. It is a deviation from truth, and it is cause for correction to say the least.

Here we go, and please pay attention carefully. Here is a quote from John MacArthur (not our winner) regarding the LACK of the sovereignty of God:

Christ is Lord of the earth in the sense of His being its Creator and its ultimate Ruler; but He does not presently exercise His full divine will over the earth. He is, so to speak, in a voluntary exile in heaven until it is time for Him to return again. He reigns only in the hearts of those who know Him as Savior and Lord. (emphasis mine) – John MacArthur, quoted from The Kingdom of Heaven

MacArthur is speaking of the extent of Christ’ current reign. He is not speaking of Jesus exercising His divine will in future judgment against sinners – that is nowhere to be found in the quote OR the context of his message. Check the link yourself if you doubt. Judgment in itself is not the context.

In fact, let me spell it out for you, then you can go check the full context yourself if you so desire.

You will notice that:

1) In the issue at hand, which I’ve specified in the original post, Mac mentions nothing of future judgment, but is speaking of Christ current, present, “right now” exercise of His divine will over the present, current earth. We’re speaking of the sovereignty of God here. He makes that crystal clear. (You DO believe in the absolute sovereignty of God, don’t you?).
2) Mac mentions nothing of ‘casting sinners into Hell now’ nor does he mention, nor is he speaking of that action being reserved for the final judgment. That too, is absent.

Now, who could spin what John MacArthur has clearly said into a total fantasy  and rejection of Biblical truth via eisogesis?

Here’s your winner……

Frank TurkFrank Turk, self-acclaimed blogger of ill-repute (well deserved) and contributor to the now practically defunct Pyromaniacs blog.

Here is Franks absurd agreement and defense of this assault on the sovereignty of God:

There is no lie involved in pointing out that Jesus is not right now casting sinners into hell now, and that this action is reserved for the final judgment. That’s all that Dr. MacArthur is saying, and that you can’t see that is simply your failure to read the Bible well. You should repent of calling Dr. MacArthur a liar immediately. (link to Franks comment)

Frank unfortunately for him and God bless him, goes on:

You’re wrong, Joel, and you need to apologize, or retract the post. this is a clear case of you simply ignoring words for the purpose of, well, whatever it is you think you are doing here. (link to Franks continued dribble)

Shame on you Frank. That’s not the focus of the post, nor the quote being addressed, nor the context of MacArthur’s teaching in this case. Nice attempt, but you’re forcing your imagined point. Amateur mistake.

By the way, Frank has more than once avowed himself an Amillennialist, so I find it quite interesting that he quotes Mac on a clearly non-amill position without objection to it. Interesting. Has Frank switched? Compromising for gain? Do I need to post links?

But, back to the point.

Frank is defending a premill position all the while knowing it is contrary to Scripture. Sad. Moreover, he defends Mac (not surprisingly) even though he himself claims to be Amill and yet…is silent against such error.

Here’s a guy who defends a man who reduces the importance of the final Judgement. and who ignores the other gospel of John MacArthur.

Congratulations Frank, you defend a lie knowing the truth (or so you say.)