John MacArthur: Jesus Is Not King

When the most influential preacher of our day says Jesus is not King, how can any true Christian remain silent in opposition to such heresy?

Easy, they put self above the Truth of God.

For some online discernment ministries (ODM’s) there are more important things than the truth of God’s Word. Reputation. Career. Invitations to speak at conferences, etc., etc.

It is, or should be, an embarrassment. Apparently, it is not. That is truly a shame, but it is a reality that far, far too many ODM’s are encouraging.

It is much easier to swing and hit the easy targets and ignore those that are most blasphemous yet harmful to personal goals – all in the name of honoring God. The T.D. Jakes, the Driscolls, the Beth Moore’s. You know, all those clearly heretical teachings by those who are more interested in self-exaltation than the exaltation of God’s Word. Then, there is the ODM’s who expose them. Wonderful. May they all shed light upon the darkness that is being taught these days.

Then again, may these ODM’s pray that their ‘ministries’ do not become wells of hypocrisy. As of this writing, that is exactly how I see them. 

They condemn the Osteens, and ignore the more dangerous lies to the Church.

One of which is that Jesus Christ is not King.

Who refuses to speak on this? Well, where do I start? certainly doesn’t. Ken hits all these obvious, easy targets and ignores the most important, flagrant heresies of the very fundamentals of Christian doctrine.

Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith has, to date, remained silent on this as well. Why? Because it is not a popular thing to do? I don’t know.

John MacArthur denies that Jesus Christ is King.

To deny that our Lord Jesus sits, right now, upon David’s throne, at the right hand of the Father, having been given all power and authority as King of kings in fulfillment of the Davidic promises, is to, perhaps without intention, deny Jesus as Lord and Christ! There is no escaping the conclusion.

John MacArthur, and again, I pray it is unintentional, belittles the offices and majesty of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Macarthur has said outright that Jesus is Lord “in the sense of…” What!? Brethren, Jesus is Lord in every sense, His lordship is not restricted! Yet MacArthur says:

Jesus  does not presently exercise His full Divine will over the earth.

Do you realize what this man is –perhaps unintentionally – rejecting?

If Jesus is not sitting on David’s promised throne according to prophecy, then He is not only not King, but He is also not High Priest, which means we have no sacrifice for sins, which means we have no hope for salvation at all!!!

MacArthur – and all dispensationalist who believe as he does:

  1. Reject that Jesus is exercising His full divine will over the earth.
  2. Reject that Jesus is King, sitting on the promised throne of David.
  3. By rejecting His Kingship, also reject His office as High Priest (He must hold them at the same time, remember?)
  4. By rejecting Jesus as King on David’s throne, reject His Priesthood, His sacrifice and the only grounds for salvation.

ODM’s are playing the hypocrite. Bigtime.