Top 10 Posts of 2012

As the year draws to a close and with 2013 just a few days ahead, here’s a quick look back at some of 5ptsalt’s most viewed posts of 2012. A warm thanks to all who took time to visit. I am especially honored that you would do so, and I am truly humbled by the many, many encouraging emails literally from around the world!

1. Movie Trailer: Obama & America in 2016

By far, Dinesh D’Souza’s 14 minute presentation on Barack Obama’s ‘American Dream’ was the most read and shared post of the year. Despite concrete evidence against Obama’s eligibility to even run for the presidential office, along with his brazen opposition to America, the Constitution, Christianity and in spite of the overwhelming popular vote in support of Mitt Romney – he still won the presidency.

2. Q&A: The Obedience of the Thief on the Cross

In 2011, I began answering questions often asked by way of a Q&A posts. Expect to see a more regular series of these in 2013 (D.V.). This particular one dealt with the question, “What obedience did the thief on the cross display?” This question was a result of a number of posts dealing with the Christians duty and responsibility for obedience in sanctification. With all of the unbiblical, antinomian teaching being taught and preached by new Calvinists, this post struck a chord with many readers, pointing out that as Christians, we are not passive in our sanctification, that it is synergistic. Luke 23 demonstrates that the thief on the cross did everything required for salvation – which was a gift from God! 

3. John MacArthur’s Dispensationalism

Anyone who has read this blog with any regularity knows my stance against the anti-Christian teachings of premillennial dispensationalism. This is actually not a single post, but a page containing a number of posts related to John MacArthur’s dispensational teachings. It is a work in progress and, no doubt, will grow larger. MacArthur continues to be popular, even though he teaches by print and video things that should make a Christian shudder in disbelief. According to Macarthur, Jesus is not King, not exercising His sovereign will on earth today and Mac diminishes the cross of Christ by attempting to rob the Church of God’s promises, teaching possibility of salvation after the second coming of Christ and insults and tramples on the blood and sacrifice of Christ Jesus by teaching a future return of animal sacrifices in some silly, future utopia. Don’t expect me to roll over or back off in 2013.

4. Louisiana Residents Petition to Secede from the Union

Shortly after the Presidential election, folks from Louisiana filed a petition with the White House to secede from the union and form its own government. They weren’t the only ones. Nearly every state in the union filed a petition, but the White House promise to respond if petitioners got 25,000 supportive signatures was yet another lie from perhaps the most corrupt administration since Abraham Lincoln.

5. Why New Calvinism Is So Dangerous

The title is self-explanatory. The popularity, and the deceptive teachings of new Calvinists are surprising, but not really. Antinomianism has been around a long time, so, nothing new there except the NC’s cloak of deception. Their Gospel contemplationism is particularly dangerous. The perfect deception to fool the most “conservative”, who are like Talkative in Pilgrim’s Progress. It talks “reformed-speak”, but shows little change in reality, and never enters in the Narrow Gate.

6. The False Doctrine of Gospel Sanctification

Contrary to what new Calvinists teach, the Gospel of Jesus Christ has never been lost. It does not need to be recovered. The battle we engage in is not against men, but against falsehood, for the sake of the Church. The New Calvinists teaching that confuses justification with sanctification makes justification progressive….and that, my brethren, is the difference between Protestant thinking, and Roman Catholicism. I love Paul Washer, he’s a brother, but his interpretation of I Corinthians 15:1 is way off.

7. The Problem with Lecrae

This is a perfect example of young hot-heads reading a title and not the post itself while still having the audacity to comment on it. Sad beyond words. I’m certain I’m not the only blogger who wishes people would read a post before commenting but….Lecrae, notable hip-hop artist in his respected genre, has a problem, but it is not unique. In fact, I have the same problem, and so do you. The “I Am Second” campaign is not the focus point of this post. In fact, neither is Lecrae.My name is Joel, and I am not second.

8. John Piper Loves Mark Driscoll’s Theology

Two questions: How can anyone defend Mark Driscoll’s theology and/or ministry, and, why does John Piper? Truly disturbing.

9. God’s Word or John MacArthur’s?

Hands down proof that John MacArthur teaches unbiblical doctrines that are salvific. They are not secondary issues. MacArthur ignores, twists and adds to Scripture to maintain his false teaching against the Church and Scriptural teaching. Here is MacArthur, in his own words, teaching salvation – not by faith alone, but by sight also. Those who love being ‘Reformed’ saw and read the proof, but remained silent. Cowardice is not a virtue my friends.

10. The Bold Mistake(s) of Barnabas Piper

Chick-fil-A was a hot issue this year as Christians from across the country rallied to support them  in light of the CEO’s stance for the biblical definition of marriage of one man, one woman. But, not everyone did. Barnabas Piper wrote this absurd, unbiblical lecture saying that supporting Chick-fil-A was a ‘bold mistake’. I begged to differ – strongly.