Why I Will Not Honor the Military

America’s greatest enemy is Washington, D.C.

That is reason enough to bring soldiers home  from foreign lands to honor the oath they swore before God Almighty to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

But they are not doing that. Not one of them is doing that. There is not a veteran of past wars nor a current soldier in the military who is keeping their oath. How do I know? If they were, they’d be on the evening news.

If the military honored their oath, they’d be on this land, America, defending the rights of Americans against a corrupt White House. Instead, the military is playing soldier over seas while our own people starve on the streets and freedoms and liberties are stripped away. And you want me to honor the military? Not a chance. Show me one soldier, one law enforcement officer who took the oath, protecting me from our corrupt federal government and Barack Obama! Honor the military? The Police? For what? For not keeping their oath to defend the Constitution and the American people? No, I will not. Let a man keep his oath, then I will honor him before God and men.

American patriotism. Where did it go?