Yes, We Can Prevent School Shootings

German Homeschool Family

It’s been argued that nothing, especially gun-control laws, could have prevented the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut and similar tragedies in other schools.

I submit that such thinking may not be entirely accurate.

God’s ordained board of education is the family. It is contrary to God’s Word to place the responsibility of children in the hands of public, or even privatized educational institutions.

Homeschooling. For K-12 grades, I strongly urge its consideration.

Think about it. For generations now, parents have abdicated their responsibility in the education of their own children. If they had not, then children would not be in a public facility (privatized or not) and would not, therefore, be so easily the targets of criminals, but under the protection of their families.

Homeschooling and the family – God’s way of education and child welfare. If anything good can come of the recent tragedies, and I believe there can, may one of them be an increased value placed on home education by Christian families, a national rejection of public education – and a swift removal of children from the hands of non-family members.

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