Truth: It’s More Important Than Who Says It

I’ve always found it interesting that so often in ‘reformed’ circles, people place more value and attention on who is speaking rather than what is being said. It’s dangerous to do that because men are men, and truth is truth. Men are fallible and truth is, well, not.

We need to be careful brethren. Just because someone you admire greatly says something that impacts you and moves you, you should not necessarily accept it as being true.

Why do you think that quotes or sermons, whatever has been said, is so awesome, moving, emotionally impactful and maybe has life changing potential?

Is it what has been said, or who says it that impresses you most? I know young men who have said things that drove me to my knees to pray. Things that were so profoundly God-sent and will never be publically known – and neither will they – and yet God, through them, so affected me because of what was spoken, and not who said it.

Truth is based on Scripture alone.

Extreme admiration and/or worship of celebrity preachers is not. It’s a sin thing.

Think about it. Watch over and keep your heart.