Rant: Why Is Hillary Clinton Going to Jerusalem?

Because the U.S. is arrogant, and think they are the world’s savior, that’s why.

This latest debacle of the Obama administration really gnaws on my nerves. Apparently, Hillary has been dispatched to Jerusalem, Ramallah and Cairo to seek an end to the Israel/Gaza fighting.

Why? Let ‘em blow each other up. Why should the Obama administration even be involved? You, Obama administration, are not the government, the people are, and the people need you to do your job according to your Constitutional descriptions. You’re not gods you little pissants.

What business is the Israel and Gaza conflict of ours? Look, if they want to blow each other up over there, let ‘em. It’s not our job to police the world. That’s not a job description given in the Constitution of the United States. It most definitely is not the job description of the Secretary of State to interfere. There’s nothing holy about ‘the holy land’. It’s cursed dirt. Nothing more. So called “israel” are not the people of God. If “israel” had any sense, they would just unload on the Gaza strip until firing stopped. That would settle a lot of issues.

But, alas, the welfare-sucking citizens of America would never say ‘No’ to Santa Clause, a.k.a., the President. Who cares if the Obama administration blames Hamas for what’s going on over there? Listen, Boudreaux, you have American citizens, born, bred and raised that are starving right here in our own country – homeless – and you numb-skulls in Washington, bless your hearts, think you are responsible for the welfare of other nations while your own people suffer and die?

You’re all idiots. Every blasted one of you who support US involvement in other countries while your own people suffer and die on Main Street, USA.

Mr. President, where is your mother? Would she be proud of you? Never mind, she may be a communist too.

Israel, so-called, are not the people of God. They’re not special. Neither are Americans. But the fact that the U.S. would spend billions of taxpayer dollars supporting the education, military and general welfare of other countries like “israel” while our own people suffer is, well, expected. It’s absurd, it makes no sense, but, biblically speaking, it is expected.

Everyone who serves in the government who supports this nonsense should be fired immediately, without pay or benefits, and sent home without any security detail. You pathetic, low-life, pambies. No, that’ll never happen.

Does anyone in America realize that in the beginning, our founders served the people without pay, without benefits, and at their own expense? Seriously. Look what sin and the promotion of it by our own governmental representatives has done to this once-pretty-awesome country.

But out of your sinful greed, power-hungry debauchery, and self-centered, wicked desires, you’ve pissed on it, on the Constitution, the American people, the concept of a Republic, on human life, liberty and freedom – both government servants (HA!) and we the people ourselves, and that makes me angry. Worse, I can’t do anything about it, except rant…and preach the Gospel.

There’s nothing holy about ‘the holy land’. It’s cursed dirt. Nothing more. So called “israel” are not the people of God. In fact, they hate the Messiah and are His enemies. Would to God that people read their Bibles and learned that.

Both Hamas and “israel” deserve each other. They both hate God, both hate the Messiah and both are without hope apart from the Gospel. If they want to destroy each other, and send each other to Hell, let ’em. It is not the business of the USA.