An Open Letter from Hobby Lobby Founder

David green, CEO and founder of Hobby Lobby stores, wrote an open letter this past October giving reasons for filing a lawsuit against the Obama administrations HHS mandate. There are some 40 separate lawsuits challenging the mandate.

“According to a Fox News report, Oklahoma-based Hobby Lobby filed suit on Sept. 12 in U.S. District Court in Oklahoma City, alleging that the Obamacare mandate violates the religious beliefs of the company’s owners by requiring them to provide birth control and abortion services.

The left-wing radicals went after Chick-fil-A when the founder supported traditional marriage, but that didn’t work out too well for them when supporters of traditional marriage gave Chick-fil-A their largest sales day in company history.

People who believe in the sanctity of life and who do not believe that organizations or companies should not be required to pay for immoral behavior should support Hobby Lobby by shopping there whenever possible. Birth control and abortion are legal (for now), but those with moral objections should not be required to pay for practices that violate their religious beliefs.” (Jerry Day)

Unfortunately, the company has lost that lawsuit…..for now. Read the results of the lawsuit here:

Federal Court: Hobby Lobby must violate its faith and pay for abortion-pills