When Being Pro-Life Becomes Idolatry


God is the Creator of all life. It exist under Him and His law. To make abortion a legal right is to make murder permissible within society.

On the other hand, to worship life is to put the life of man in place of God, and that is idolatry as well, in violation of the first commandment, “You shall have no other gods before Me.”

Anytime we say that death is the greatest evil and desire the prevention of it in legislative laws, and, we also say that life must be preserved at any costs reflects the same idolatry. They are both the thinking of the religion of secular humanism.

You cannot separate God and His Law. Murder, such as in the case of abortion, is a violation of the sixth commandment. “You shall not murder.” Exodus 20:13.  Likewise, the refusal to take life where God commands is also a violation of God’s Law.

The same people who demand and plead for the life of a murderer to be spared in the name of mercy are also the ones who demand and plead the right to murder an unborn child in the name of justice and self-rule.

Being pro-life becomes idolatry anytime we make human life as the greatest and most important issue to fight for. It can be seen clearly in the speech and activities of many pro-life supporters. The fight for life becomes an all encompassing issue, and a substitute for the worship of God.

“Condemn the innocent, spare the guilty.” It’s the unregenerate world’s thinking, and it creeps into the Church’s thinking when the Church gets away from God’s Law and it’s obedience and allows the religious thinking of secular humanism to prevail.

Preservation of human life is not always desirable. God, and His Law, must come first.