10 Things That Tick Me Off, But Shouldn’t

Sometimes you want to rant, other times, a call for subtle reminder may be in order. This is one of those times. Here’s ten things gnawing on my last nerve, in no particular order, not that you care:

1. Mayonnaise. This is a substance that, in my opinion, should be banned from earth. It’s just wrong. It stinks, and the smell alone makes me want to vomit.

2. In SEC football, why do they major on calling that stupid “too many in the backfield” call more than any other division? That really ticks me off.

3. Feminists. Probably should be number one, but, this is in no particular order. Sin is the cause, I know. Enough said.

4. Street preachers like Tony Miano, who have not been set apart by the Church, unlicensed, unordained, uncalled and they’re out there preaching, carrying literal wooden crosses making Christianity a circus. Worse, hundreds of young, lacking-in-knowledge people are drinking his drool and those like him and following his unbiblical example.

5. Christians with blogs making such huge, continuous, redundant posts on closed issues in Scripture. For example, homosexuality. It’s not an issue to be discussed, it’s condemned in Scripture and is a no-brainer. Closed issue. There’s no such thing as a “gay-Christian”, get over it and face the truth.

6. Those who practically make a living off of being anti-abortion. Get a life.

7.  Christians who would condemn anything as unbiblical and even call it heresy -  unless their spiritual hero teaches it. Where is your conviction that God’s truth is above all?

8. Christians who claim God called them on mission to go to a specific country – like Rio de Janeiro or Bermuda or Hawaii. Please. Show me in Scripture. Totally unbiblical, totally ticks me off. I’ll pray about it.

9. Christians who complain to pastors that they’ve already studied Ephesians. Why go through a six-month study? Why do it again? Please, again…please.

10. Christians who would defend the doctrines of grace like a bull yet hide like a frightened puppy when their hero is found guilty of heresy – like John MacArthur teaching the opportunity of salvation after the second coming of Christ.

I could go on and on and on, but, that would make this a rant, wouldn’t it?