Texas & Secession

Most of my readers are well aware of the earlier post regarding Louisiana and some residents there who’ve petitioned the White House and the Obamunist administration for peaceful withdrawal from the Union in order to form their own government. Well, after only a few days, residents from many, many more states have also filed. You can count ‘em here.

But – just for the record, it looks like the great state of Texas – which is like a whole ‘nother country already – is the first to reach the required number of signatures for the White House to keep it’s pledge and formally respond to the request for peaceful secession from the United States of Amerika.

Texas, as I write this, has 36,000+ signatures when I last viewed the site. Only 25, 000 were needed.

We’ll see if the White House and the most corrupt administration in Amerikan history can keep it’s word.

Don’t hold your breath, but if it does, ya’ll got room down there around Lonesome Dove?