The Government of Man Is Doomed

And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever. – I John 2:17

The government of man stands condemned. Every day this is manifest. All in accord with the Word of God, particularly the passage quoted above. It is doomed because it refuses the will of God and operates on that which can only destroy. No nation, which, in order to establish its power, destroys its chief opposition – family, church, school, business, morality, discipline, traditions, friendships and family ties – can ever hope to know anything other than death.

Rome was not conquered. It collapsed! It did so by depriving the nation of its foundational backbone, the family. The more the state succeeds in becoming all powerful, the closer it is to death. The very opposite of men like Jean Rousseau, who believed an all powerful state spelled freedom.

The educational arm of the state is one of the most powerful forces for its own destruction. It stands today as an enemy of institutions which alone can provide political freedom.

We are living in the wake of the decay of the governments of men. They are falling apart around the globe. Christ has come and is setting up His kingdom of God. He is purging His inheritance. He has been promised such by God the Father. Psalm 2:8, 9. He is Prophet, therefore the perfect revelation of God the Father; He is the great High Priest, therefore, both the one who offers and the offering for the sin of His people; He is King, thus, the Lord of lords, to rule over His creation. You must know Him and honor Him as gracious Lord or you will know Him as Sovereign Judge. Hang on to the world system and you die with it, but with Christ there is eternal life.

Choose this day who will be your lord and master. The choice is between the world and Christ. There is no third choice.