When Government Is Lawless, What Is The Christian To Do?

On January 1, 1863, Abraham Lincoln, thwarted by his cabinet in the desire to compensate slave owners for the loss of legal property under the Constitution, violated the Constitution, by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. The effect of the act was not to free the slaves, but rather to enslave the whole of American society. Such lawlessness on the part of the radical Republicans, abolitionists and churchmen of the north, escalated the swift but certain destruction of Constitutional law in America. 

The story is told, with historians not being bound by truth, but so often prejudiced by their own ideals and opinions, who knows that it is true – nevertheless, it is told that at the completion of the Constitution, Ben Franklin was approached by a little old lady with the words, “What do we have Mr. Franklin?” Franklin is said to have replied, “A Republic if we can keep it.” Mr. Franklin was echoing Tacitus, who said, “It is easier for a republican form of government to be applauded than realized.”

The wisdom of both men can now be seen with great clarity by the honest. have we not long since abandoned the Constitution, the law upon which this Republic was established? It’s demise began even before the law was set forth. have we not now come to see the death of Constitutional government and law in America? Do we not now have the laws of men, which vacillate with the wind of public opinion? We now call our government a ‘democracy’ rather than, as the founders, a Constitutional Republic. The arguments of the federalists (nationalists, actually, they couldn’t even be honest here), versus the anti-federalists have long been forgotten. The good on both sides has faded from the scene. Another breed that ‘knew not either’ has arisen to promote totalitarianism which neither desired. “We the people”, which became a substitute for Sovereign States, has lost all meaning, if it ever was clear as to its meaning. Which ‘people’ truly hold the power? The people who run the government, the bureaucratic mass of humanity, or the people outside of the government? What Machiavelli said, and John Adams believed, and which is still denied, has been ignored and to the great harm to this Republic:

That whoever would found a state, and make proper laws for the government of it, must presume that all men are bad by nature; that they will not fail to show that natural depravity of heart whenever they have fair opportunity.

The conclusion is simply that no nation can long stand if it is governed by the whims and opinions of men rather than by law. For this reason, every branch of government must be bound to the Constitution, restrained by its words which clearly spell out restrictions and limitations for each branch of government. 

There has been, of late, the cry, “Restore the Constitution!” Is it too late to do so with so powerful a government standing in its way? A government bent on not just control, but absolute control, of the lives of citizens of America. Can the champions of such succeed? We now have a government which does not provide for the ‘ life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’, but in a high-handed manner, seeks to force equality with the Procrustean mentality, and with the utopian concept, that man is basically good. Man is not, neither in government nor out of government; if he were, there would be no need for force.

The color of ones skin, or the lack of it, does not make man evil. It is the heart, the very nature of man, that is evil. No government program or decree will change that. Equality, of the type that Washington deems proper, cannot be achieved by the force of government edicts. Communism is no substitute for God. Such is a proven failure in the world yet considering the alternative men continue to try to solve the unsolvable through men.

The present situation of government in America is that of lawlessness. America has lost her basic freedoms because she has lost her moral base for freedom. Freedom of the press is now a joke. The press is controlled by the owners, the publishers and editors. Freedom of speech is no longer a reality, except done in a corner where no one can hear. Freedom of opinion is not permitted. Freedom of expression has been destroyed by the very institutions that once, and still, but hypocritically, promoted such under the name of “academic freedom,” which now means only what is politically correct or what the social engineers or scientific community or government deem correct.

Perhaps Archibald E. Roberts, Director of Committee to Restore the Constitution, was correct when he said,

Gone is the Constitution, and its protective covenants. Gone are the courts, and their shield to personal freedom. Gone is representative government.

The people, those under government, no longer have a government which is godly, one that is caring, possessed of a fatherly attitude, which is self-sacrificing, rather than self-exalting and self-satisfying.

Christians must now be prepared to live without the protection of Constitutional law. We revert to the pagan days of yesterday when Christians were persecuted and put to death because they did not agree with those who worshipped many gods, who were no gods at all. The unalienable rights, once given, now apply only to the heathen. But take heart. If the early followers of Christ could endure, so can we. Christians must now be dependent on God to a degree that has not been previously known. We have depended on the Law of the land for a measure of protection. This is no longer true, so, we must now do what God intended for men in Creation: be totally dependent on and obedient to Him for our security.

In that dependence, Christians must now set the example, before all men, of what it is to live without the security of national law. We must know what it is to live in enemy territory; as aliens in search of that country and city whose builder and maker is God.