Brethren, Take Comfort

David Leach
(November 6, 10:52 p.m.)

As I write this, it looks like the election is going Obama’s way. Two things keep me from despair.

First, God is sovereign, and Obama cannot be "king" without God’s approving nod. In our frail humanity there are times we ponder, if not outright question God’s plan, and wish He might more decisively intervene against open wickedness …and yet we know that we must bow our knees to the outworking of all of God’s design and purpose  in time and history, even when we do not understand it.

Second, however dire this seems (Obama naming new Supreme Court justices and all that means to the destruction of our culture and country, etc) -  the fact is that everything that is in this world is transient, and in the end all those that war against God’s law and rule will be destroyed.  Just as importantly…our King Jesus now rules and will ever rule and reign, a reality outside  the reach of  Democratic citizens (and our fellow Republican ones as well) who openly stand in vain  opposition to our God.  AND…the evil collective that wars against our God – liberals, moral relativists, demons, antichrists  and all the antinomian God-haters will lose forever and ever.  Our losses are temporary. Our final joy in God’s triumphant reign will be eternal.

Brethren, take comfort.