Conservatism is Calling

“But, depend on it, no government is God’s ordinance but that which is for the good of mankind.” – Samuel Webster, A.M., of Salisbury: Mass. Election Sermon, 1777

“Rulers are appointed for this very end – to be ministers of God for good. The people have a right to expect this from them, and to require it, not as an act of grace, but as their reasonable due. It is this express or implicit condition upon which they were chosen and continued in public office, that they attend continually upon this very thing. Their time, their abilities, their authority – by their acceptance of the public trust – are consecrated to the community and cannot in justice be withheld…in justice to people, and in faithfulness to God, they must either sustain it with fidelity, or resign the office.” – Samuel Cooke, A.M. of Cambridge, Mass., Election Sermon, 1770

“A people may be deceived, they may be betrayed by men in whom they put confidence. But they deserve to be abandoned by providence if they trust their interests with men they know to be either weak or wicked.” – Andrew Eliot, A.M. of Boston, Mass., Election Sermon, 1765

“One way to incur the wrath of God is to view the lesser of two evils as a good thing.” – Joel Taylor, Virginia, 2012