6 Things That Always Happen When God is Rejected By A Nation

Anytime a people choose a government or a wicked man as king or president, God declares the consequences:

  1. An anti-Biblical military conscription will be instituted or enforced.
  2. There will be compulsory labor battalions conscripted for state service.
  3. The conscription will be of young men and women, and animals as well.
  4. The state will expropriate property, both landed property and livestock.
  5. Because the state is now playing god-king, it will demand like God a tithe, a tenth of mans increase as its tax (and more!)
  6. God will not hear a people who are complaining at paying the price for their sin.

See I Samuel 8:11-18 and …. Welcome to America.

Adapted from The Institutes of Biblical Law, R. J. Rushdooney