Obama Doesn’t Want to Win

David Leach:

I’m about to write a little blog piece where I advance this theory: Obama does not really want to win. You might protest that his ego will not allow him to even consider loosing, and though I understand that point, and concede it might be true,  I tend to disagree.

Here’s why. You get everything an ex-president gets for just one term as president. A second term adds nothing. You are forever "Mr. President." You become free of the pressure, the criticism and the burning spot light, and you automatically become an "elder statesman." You get to make money. Lots of money. And I suspect socialist Barry loves his own pocketbook fat. You can start becoming more honest and open about your fundamentally un-American preferences, your love for all things U.N. and one-worldism. Your disdain for genuinely awful notions such as one man – one woman marriage, or obtaining oil from American sources. Although he already hits the talk show circuit like no other president before him, now, he can be on vacuous TV shows geared for 22 year olds with IQ’s of 95 – 7 days a week. Nothing quite like empty-eyed, mantra repeating zombies – youngsters with minds gushing with liberal pablum, fawning and fainting over  every word of the gospel of the Obamassiah.

Yes, the Enmeshed Prince of Hot Air secretly wants to slip the confines of the White House and perhaps spend more time at the Bill Ayers house. You know, with his own kind. Radicals.