Handling Telemarketers

telemarketerYou know, when the phone rings you instinctively assume , of course, it’s someone you know, like your spouse, or a member of the Church or whomever. It’s always a disappointment, to say the least, when the caller is a telemarketer trying to sell you something or take an absurd survey, political or otherwise.

If you’re like me (and you’re human, so don’t deny it) it irritates the crud out of you, doesn’t it?

Well, here’s a fun way – fun, that is, if you have an adventurous, sanctified, warped mind like myself – to make them think twice about calling you again.

Next time a telemarketer calls you, just say “No!”, and say it over and over and over again. Don’t say anything else. Don’t even ask who it is, just say “No!”.

But wait. Here’s the fun part. While you’re repeating the word ‘No!’, use different tones, different levels of volume, and different tonal qualities in your voice. Go from Pee-Wee Herman to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Tweetie Bird to Tom Brokaw.

Keep saying “No!” in every range of vocal ingenuity you can possibly think of, and not only will they think twice about calling you again, you may actually have fun irritating the irritators.

It’s ok, it’s Christian. And, it may be the most fun thing you do this week, but I hope not….