Honk if You Love Slavery

What I find so ironic about the video clip below is that blacks claim they and their ancestors hate slavery. And yet, people – both black and white – the nation over will be flocking to the polls to vote for Obama, again, in order to be just that, enslaved. They’ll vote for Obama, continue to get free stuff, become more dependent on government freebies and never think twice that somebody’s got a new “Massa.”

It’s sad really. As long as the nanny government continues to encourage lazy, slothful people to be dependent on them via welfare, disability, food stamps – and free phones -  etc., these people will have no inclination to live the American dream, to work, to produce. They just want stuff. Free stuff, and the government is happy to use taxpayer money to do it. As long as you get free stuff and you’re already a slave, you’ll vote for the giver. Big government loves that. It’s a wicked plan, and it works.

It’s not just blacks, mind you. There are plenty of lazy, slothful, welfare loving, food stamp usin’ white folks who are just as ‘lacking in knowledge’ regarding their servitude.

Both think they are owed something. Both are enjoying their slavery. It’s just that neither wants to call him ‘Massa’ out loud.

Yassuh, we gets free phones and mo’ stuff, so vote for Obama! I think it’s great to be owned by the gubmint, we’s all unified, one nation babah!