Arkansas Coach John L. Smith’s Blunder of the Day

Razorback fans the nation over cringed just a wee bit recently at a speech given by Arkansas football coach John L. Smith at the Little Rock Touchdown Club. In his pep talk, an attempt to rally fans and supporters, Smith referred to the Arkansas program as “the state of Alabama program.”

How embarrassing.

Arkansas, now 1-3 after suffering a dumb loss to Rutgers, has had a disappointing start this year, losing also to Louisiana-Monroe and Alabama as well.

Any fan of SEC football knows that you can’t start like that and be taken seriously by anyone, much less talk of a championship. But, there’s always the possibility that all this embarrassment of losing and speech blunders by coach Smith will disappear and the beloved Razorbacks will get back on track.

Who knows, maybe the Razorbacks will bounce back and go undefeated for the remaining season. And if you believe that’s going to happen, I know a guy down in Auburn country who has some beachfront property for sale.

I haven’t given up on ‘my Hogs’ but this is a poor way to start. I sure wish we’d never gotten rid of Lou Holtz.

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