Jay Adams on Naming Names & Defending God’s Flock

1. Paul in his epistles mentioned names so that those who read would be warned not to adopt their errors. We must do the same. We follow Paul in this for the same reason–so that readers will be able to recognize false teaching and reject it when they come across it. Knowing the names of those from whom it emanates facilitates the process. If a teacher is known for distorting Scripture in the past then, in the future, those who care will read and listen to him (if at all) with more than enough care.

Distortion of the Word of God is a serious matter that should not be by-passed lightly. Cavalier handling of the Scriptures demands that we expose it for what it is. The Name of God is at stake. – Jay Adams

2. When such irresponsible use of the Word of the living God is published and sent into all parts of the church, it is necessary to expose it for what it is—a cover up for the eclectic practices of those who claim to be doing Christian counseling, but are not. Unless the public is made aware of such practices, they may buy into them and go astray. It is important to attempt to counter false teaching and Scripture twisting at every level where it has been proclaimed whenever possible. Those of us who are ordained to the ministry of the Word are called upon to defend God’s flock from false teachers within and without the church environs. This is a duty often neglected. It is time to call on the carpet those who intentionally (or otherwise) misuse Scripture and represent what they are saying as God’s truth (when He said no such thing). Ideally, the denominations to which they belong ought to be knocking on their doors to do this. But since they are not, someone who cares for the flock of God must do it—even if he is raked over the coals for doing so. – Jay Adams