Paedobaptism: Fostering A Non-Christian Society

If the Paedobaptists ever break down the one restraint on nominal, external, hereditary Christianity that they have left, that is, the requirement that the baptized infant shall confess his faith before he partakes of communion, then all significant differences between the church and the world will be threatened. This is not to say that the position of believer’s baptism is foolproof; but it tends to inculcate in everyone baptized that without which New Testament Christianity cannot survive, namely, an “I-Thou” encounter with the living God in the form of a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Kierkegaard once asked this question: How is it that “Christendom” is from generation to generation a society of non-Christians? His answer should be pondered:

The Christianity of “Christendom” sees that everything depends upon establishing the maxim that one becomes a Christian as a child, that if one is rightly to become a Christian, one must be such from infancy. This is the basic falsehood. If this is put through, then good night to the Christianity of the New Testament! (The Instant, No. 7, “The Formula of Christendom”, Attack Upon Christendom, p. 212)

– Paul K. Jewett, Infant Baptism & The Covenant of Grace, p. 243.


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