Jackie Hill: The Jig-A-Boo Poem

It’s a poem, sort of. Very entertaining, but it’s certainly not ‘Gospel thunder’ as some are calling it. Impressive? Yes. As entertainment.

Jackie states at the beginning the reason for her poem is “so that we can start being real Christians again, instead of Jig-A-Boo’s.”

Christians are never ‘revived’ by impressive poetry or any other form of temporary profundity or amazing skills.

Seriously, brethren, when Tim Challies calls the video below ‘Gospel thunder’, I pray you start asking yourself why you are reading Tim Challies.

Entertainment, even of the ‘spoken word’ variety, will never replace expositional preaching from God’s Word by God-called, Church confirmed pastor-teachers, but this kind of thing is immensely popular among the younger folks in the new Calvinist movement, and in some cases, a substitute.

It’s not preaching, but it’s a great message, entertaining for many. It’s even entertaining in spite of the historical errors regarding 1865 and the whole slavery thing.