James White: Just Being Silly

Given the heresies of dispensationalism led, at least these days, by John MacArthur, you tell me dear reader: who’s being silly? Or should I say, turning a blind eye? Certainly not I.

Heresy is God’s Word plus something else. And heresy is never more subtle, or dangerous, than when mixed with God’s truth. The sad part is when people swallow it. Worse than swallowing a lie out of ignorance is tolerating it out of ambition.

No James, I’m not ‘unbalanced’, I’m just not silent. It actually concerns me that the majority of ‘evangelicals’ are believing and teaching others a proven lie to the Church. But, maybe that doesn’t bother James White. Maybe the assaults on foundational Christian doctrines like repentance, salvation by faith alone and a host of others just don’t rate his attention….or his voice.