The Health, Wealth & Prosperity Gospel of Evangelicals


I mentioned recently in this post, that, according to an NAE poll, over 65% of evangelicals hold to premillennial theology.

One aspect of that which many have not considered is the plethora of promises being given to geo-political Israel which include the much despised teachings of Joel Osteen and the entire WOF movement: physical health because sickness will be removed, a wide variety of economic and personal prosperity where all needs of men are abundantly provided for and very, very long lives – just to name a few. Here’s just a couple of quotes from a premillennial teacher:


“When Christ returns to rule, Jerusalem will be free of physical and spiritual problems.” (footnote on Isaiah 33:24).

Wealth & Prosperity:

“In her kingdom, Israel will enjoy great prosperity of many kinds.” (chart, p. 1055, Isaiah’s Description of Israel’s Future Kingdom).

Both quotes above are from the MacArthur Study Bible.

There is such an abundance of materials and quotes from dispensationalists that promise salvation, health, wealth and prosperity – not in heaven, but on this earth – that it’s truly difficult to know where to start.

Joel Osteen promises the same thing doesn’t he? He preaches a false gospel with false promises of health, wealth and prosperity. But he gets ridiculed, hammered and exposed while dispensationalists such as John MacArthur get showered with praise from his reformed fan base and protected and defended by those whose careers depend on riding his coat-tail.

Can anyone honestly justify that?

False gospels with their false promises remain false, regardless of who is teaching them.