“Don’t You Ever Get Tired of This?”

Well folks, this will be off-the-cuff, so to speak, because I’m loaded with to-do’s today.

Yesterday, I was asked the very pointed question of whether I ever get tired of smacking dispensationalism around, and specifically, John MacArthur.

It’s a fair question. Ok, let me tell you a little bit of why I do it.

First, I’m not bitter, there’s no reason to be. Dismiss that altogether. There’s been no personal experience that has left me rotting my bones over premillennialism dispensationalism.

Here’s why. According to at least one survey by the NAE, at least 65% of evangelicals believe premillennial theology.

That means:

  • 65% of evangelicals believe Jesus Christ is not King (in fulfillment of the Davidic Covenant).
  • 65% of evangelicals believe geo-political Israel can – and will be – saved after the second advent of Christ, by sight – not by faith alone.
  • 65% of evangelicals believe bloody animal sacrifices will be reinstituted.
  • 65% of evangelicals believe that when Christ returns, He will deal with sin – contrary to what Scripture has clearly taught us to the contrary.

I could go on and on and on, but let me just put it this way.

65% of evangelicals are believing a lie, another Gospel altogether, one that includes false teaching on repentance, the Church, God’s plan of redemption for the elect, the way of redemption, etc. They are believing a lie about Christ and His offices and its implications, what His resurrection accomplished and so forth.

None of these doctrines are secondary by any stretch of the imagination.

So, why do I keep hammering away?

Because I love the Church.

I wince and hurt, and yes, get angry when the Church is deceived into believing doctrines that denigrate the Gospel, my Lord and His Bride. I love the Church enough to not want to be silent. I love the Church too much to let my friends and loved ones just waltz into the sunset believing something that, unknowingly, robs them of comfort, hope, joy and instruction for righteous living. I don’t contend perfectly, but when I do, my heart is set on it.

I would rather “contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints.” (Jude 1:3) than post 10,000 profound quotes on social media and gain millions of followers.

5ptsalt exist online and is mostly known within ‘reformed circles’. In the early days, it was not hard to tell how to become popular in that circle. It’s still not. In fact, it’s pretty easy I think for a newcomer to start a blog and become outrageously popular both in blogging and in social media. Listen, careers have been launched, and ministries have been grown at exponential rates all by following one sordid rule – compromise. And sometimes, compromise reveals itself by being silent.

No thank you.

This is God’s Word we’re talking about, not some personal goal that, if accomplished, all the promises of the WOF movement will be heaped on you.

When you contend for the faith as opposed to climbing the popularity ladder, there are things you must come to terms with:

  1. You won’t be popular.
  2. You won’t be on the short list of conference speakers to invite.
  3. You won’t be considered up-and-coming but will be considered “ignore-this-guy-he’s-a-trouble-maker.”
  4. You won’t be invited to BBQ’s. I love all things pork so this one actually bothers me.
  5. You will be ignored by many on social media. You will be unfollowed, unfriended and ungoogled+. Those who, in the beginning, befriended your online presence will fade and avoid you. Heaven forbid that they are seen conversing with anyone taking such a firm stand for the truth and marking those who are in serious error.
  6. If you are a preacher, you will not be asked to preach.

Listen, if you are going to contend for the faith, you won’t do that and still remain in ‘the circle’ of popularity.

Do I ever get tired of contending for the faith? No, I don’t. I pray that I am helpfully earnest in contending for the faith, and for the reputation of my Lord’s Name, and His Bride.

I know many have had their eyes opened, because I have received emails and messages from all over the world saying thank you.

Make no mistake, contending for the faith will cost you dearly – if you have aspirations that include climbing any ladders of popularity in ministry. But the ones who see, finally, what has blinded them for so long within the Church, and now rejoice in their identity as the only people of God – what a blessing!

It’s easy to become popular. Follow the crowd of your choice, be it reformed or whatever, and never forget your duty to compromise the Word of God to keep it.

Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.- Matthew 23:12