Great Chick-fil-A Service in the Face of Stupidity

Nowhere in Scripture are Christians told to ‘go out and convert people’. Nowhere. What we are to do, and be, is witnesses of what Christ has done in our lives.

Meet Rachel, she’s the young lady who happened to be recorded by the CFO of a company called Vante out of Tucson. Or, at least he was the CFO. He’s been fired for his little stunt here. Yep, his free water costs him his job. Well, that and videotaping his incredulous behavior.

But I want you to watch Rachel and her response to this guys intentional ugliness. God bless her! In spite of the idiocy of this guy, she handled herself extremely well. Obviously, I cannot say for certain whether she’s a Christian, but if she’s not, I’d be surprised. This is a good testimony to the great service of Chick-fil-A, at least by one employee, even in the face of stupidity.