When Chicken is More Important than God’s Word

I’m 50 years old. I’ve seen a lot in my day. On a television with only 3 channels, I watched the first manned rocket take off and head for the moon, and watched those fella’s walk on it and then come home. That was amazing. I’ve seen advances in technology that, when I look back on the way things used to be when I was growing up, boggle my mind with amazement.

There is just so much that has happened since I was born, so many advances – at least in the eyes of the world – and in so many areas. It’s all pretty amazing when you reflect and see what man has done.

But today I am mostly amazed about something else.

I’m more amazed that so many professing Christians are more concerned about Chick-fil-A than the fact that many of the evangelical leaders of our day believe and are teaching, writing and preaching openly, that Jesus Christ is not King.

Do you understand what I’m saying? The cookers of chicken are spoken of – and defended – more than the fact that men such as John MacArthur, Al Mohler and many others are teaching the Church and the world who listens, that Jesus Christ, Messiah, is not King, is not exercising His full sovereign will over this earth today. They are teaching that repentance and salvation is possible after Christ returns, and then refuse to discuss it. They are teaching the Church heresy after heresy after heresy, and still, chicken wins the attention of the day – and the heretical teaching continues unabated, unapproached and ignored.

Do you get that? Why?

Have we grown afraid to rock the religious boat? so dull of hearing that our spiritual senses are numb? so lustful after popularity with the crowd that we remain silent at such blasphemy? Is it that Christians have become so familiar with the Gospel that familiarity has indeed bred contempt of God’s truth in general? Is that possible?

Seriously, have the cookers of chicken and the morality/issues connected to it become a greater concern than God’s Word to God’s people?

Or is it that our priorities do not in reality, actually, include God’s truth as being number one? Don’t get me wrong, I love Chick-fil-A (thanks Scott Filmer), love what the CEO is making a stand for and I highly recommend the spicy chicken deluxe – with bacon.

But I hate the silence of the Church in regards to those assaulting my Lord. And that is what it is, an assault. Jesus is King, right now, and He sits on Davids throne according to God’s Word. To say otherwise is blasphemy, heresy, and if that is your position, either you are ignorant of God’s Word itself, or you are a liar.

According to God the Father, Jesus the Son is King, right now. The most popular evangelical Church leaders are teaching otherwise. By being silent and supporting their ministries, you’re condoning it, encouraging them to continue.

That’s what amazes me today, more than the moon landing. What saddens me is that few want to discuss it. Be the exception.