Two Tragedies of the Aurora, Colorado Shootings


Preachers who refuse to ever discuss current events are pretty much useless. Even more so are they who will only talk of heaven while ignoring the management of what God has given us here on earth. I believe that.

I’m sure most, if not all of you by now, have heard about the shootings which happened in Aurora, Co., recently in the early hours of the morning. Apparently, 24 year-old James Holmes, dressed in black, entered a movie theater during a highly anticipated ‘Batman’ film after midnight, wearing a gas-mask and carrying 2 handguns, a shotgun and a ‘AK type’ weapon. He used tear gas to begin with and then open fired on the audience. At least 12 were killed, with many, many more injured.

The details are out there for those who wish to dig deeper into the facts of the crime. I’d rather focus on the tragic aspect.

Yes, there’s a difference. Generally speaking, a crime is an act punishable by law, and a tragedy is an event that results in great loss or ‘misfortune’.

There were two tragedies that took place in Aurora, Colorado in regards to this senseless shooting. Yes, two, not just one.

First, it was a great loss – of life itself – that so many died, and it was, at the very least, misfortunate, that so many were injured by this relatively young man. Upwards of 50 people were reported injured.

Yet there is a second tragedy associated with this terrible event, and it’s one I doubt many preachers will be mentioning – especially on social media. Why? Mostly because they are more concerned with popularity and career than speaking about liberty and freedom. You have to be ‘strategic’ these days to maintain a popular following, you know.

But not here.

Liberty. Freedom. Our founding fathers of this country that used to be America, fought and many died so that you and I could live in the land of the ‘free,’ to live in a Republic – not a democracy – and exercise our God-given rights to worship according to Scripture which guided our conscience.

Unfortunately, and slowly, this country’s citizens began taking that freedom for granted, shrugged off thoughts of God and His Law, and being relaxed in their own little world, became comfortable. Generation after generation allowed the government of the United States to chip away and remove our freedoms and liberties, and the people did nothing about it.

The prevailing attitude over the years has been ‘don’t rock the boat’. It’s a slave mentality and people have grown to like it.

If the people of Aurora, Colorado had loved liberty and freedom more, and not been so complacent and apathetic about what history had taught them – how so many shed their own blood for their right to take in a movie with their families – they would have been armed to the teeth and loaded for bear, carrying concealed weapons – not seeking out violence, but protecting themselves from the lawless criminals of society – whether they were elected to office, or not.

I wish I had not heard the story as reported with so many killed and wounded, a community scarred for who knows how long.

Rather, I wish that the people of Aurora had been so concerned with the loss of liberty before God Himself, over so many decades in this country – stolen by our own government, mostly in times of ‘crises’ and, of course, ‘for the common good’ – that at least three-quarters of that Batman-watching audience was carrying concealed weapons responsibly, and after the first shot was identified, stood up in unison and filled that young man with so much lead, his identity would be difficult to determine. That’s what I wish.

I don’t blame the people of Aurora alone. Everyone and anyone who is a citizen of this country needs to take a hard, honest look at history and that with the profound reality, that freedom and liberty must be defended, not merely by legislation, but by force of arms of its citizens. Defended, not only against thugs and maniacs who enter a theater, but against our own government if necessary, who seeks not our well-being or common good, but our submission to its insatiable, gluttonous, anti-Republic, anti-God appetite for tyranny.

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