The Heart & Soul of A Totalitarian Government

Exodus chapter 8-10 describe the very heart and soul of any totalitarian state or government. It’s too bad that we, as Christians in America, have not paid better attention over the last, oh, 20 generations.

You know the narrative. God instructs Moses to tell Pharaoh to let His people go, and Pharaoh’s heart is hardened.

Oh, Pharaoh does compromise a little. He makes offers. And those offers, if inspected closely, will demonstrate to every Christian the signs of the world’s tyrannical empires.

Specifically, Pharaoh makes the following progressive compromises:

1). Sacrifice in the Land. Exodus 8:25

In other words, “Your God will be just like the other gods of this land. Go, but you remain in my realm and control.”

2.) Go, but don’t go too far. Exodus 8:28

Pharaoh is saying, “Okay, your God means more to you, but don’t get carried away. Don’t take it too far.” As if the God of Scripture were some grandfather figure with a long beard and a cane, full of love, just waiting, hoping to do some good for those who believe in Him. Go to your god Moses, but you stay within my reach.

3.) Go, but leave your children. Exodus 10:10

Today, our children have been turned over to the empire for their education, or rather, indoctrination. They are being taught to look to the empire for all their needs.

4.) Go, but leave your possessions. Exodus 10:24

There is nothing a tyrannical empire, like modern day America, will not take, in order to keep you in submission and acknowledgement that it, the government – not Jesus Christ –  is Lord.

Deo Vindici.