We Need How Many People to Pray?

The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. – James 5:16

In regards to seeing revival or a great work of God, do we need large numbers or entire congregations to be praying? Here is food for thought.

About this matter of millions of people praying. How many people does God need to pray before His work can get off the ground? Where does He draw the line? Does all above a certain figure spell success, and all below, failure? The same people who say these things are also fond of telling us about revivals where the prayer of just one or two ladies was said to be enough to bring down the fire. Since when did God go in for numbers? What does all this talk about ‘volumes’ of prayer mean? Are we trying to say that some sort of power is generated, or some sort of release given to God the Holy Spirit, to do things which cannot otherwise be done? And if this be the case, who is the Sovereign, God or Man?

– Charles D. Alexander

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