Can You Vote for Romney?


David Leach

Some Christian friends of mine have proclaimed they have no intention of voting for Romney because he is a Mormon. Most of them plan to just not vote for the top of the ticket in the next election, and a few I suppose will vote for Obama, such is their disdain for the LDS cult. I have given this a bit of thought and have moved from one side of the argument to the other.

First, let’s be clear about Mormonism. It is anti-Christ. It preaches a false gospel. It presents a false Christ and harbors a bankrupt soteriology. The LDS view of the afterlife is more suitable for a comic book than serious theological consideration, and it’s view of the Godhead is simply creepy, bizarre and unworthy of genuine Christian consideration. I could go on, but I suspect it is clear to all that I think LDS doctrine is awful – I disdain it, it has no redeeming value whatsoever.

So let’s agree Romney is a part of this cult and apparently more or less actively supports it. Can a Christian vote for him to be President with a clear conscience and without violation of any scriptural principle? Is a vote for Romney ipso facto some sort of spiritual compromise on the part of the Christian? Can a Christian vote for a non-Christian to hold public office? Can a Christian vote for a religious non-Christian to hold public office? What follows are ten points concerning these questions listed for your consideration.

(1) Did Joseph sin when he accepted position as governor over all the land of Egypt and answerable only to Pharaoh?(Gen 41:39-41, Gen 42:6)? If it is not sin to serve as second in command to a pagan king, how much less so would it be merely to vote for one? In the end, there are only believers and unbelievers, sheep and goats – if Romney is a goat, is he more or less one than an atheist? A lost Baptist? Pharaoh’s court members steeped in occult/cultish practices?

(2) Is there any evidence Romney intends to lead from a distinctly Mormon worldview? Not to my knowledge. One certainly hopes that if elected Romney will rule as a political conservative and not as a “moderate,” but I see no indication he intends to usher in as prophet some sort of LDS theocracy.

(3) Does the Bible teach we ought vote? Not vote? Does it indicate we are limited to voting for Reformed Christians? Evangelical Christians? Lutheran Christians? Some Christians voted for the “evangelical Christian” Jimmy Carter – but I would posit Carter is not a Christian and clearly he is not sympathetic with a Christian worldview. So what kinds of religious affiliations are acceptable to us? What if we had a United Pentecostal Republican candidate – can you vote for a modalist?

(4) Was Reagan a Christian? I do not know. Though he certainly had a deference to religion and to a sort of “civic Christianity” I am privy to little evidence Ronald Reagan was born from above. If Reagan was not a Christian, was he less lost than Romney? Is a vanilla unbeliever a safe choice if his politics are acceptable, and a Mormon (unbeliever ) not safe when his politics are otherwise acceptable?

(5) If Romney becomes our President, has God given him this position? I wonder if the God who raises up Romney to rule over us will judge us for voting in concurrence with His sovereign disposition of Romney? Dan. 2:21

(6) Is there some spiritual principle that forbids us from choosing the lessor of two evils? If you think you have such a principle, do you use it consistently? Can you explain it to me?

(7) Obama has proven he is unfit and scandalous in his agenda. Do we sin if we act in a way (vote against him) so as to expedite his removal from office by helping Romney defeat him? Are we merely winking at Obama’s horrible rule if we don’t lift a finger to be part of the process to expel him?

(8) If you will not vote for Romney because he is LDS, would you vote for a Mormon mayor if he was the only Republican in the race? What if your congressional district had a Ted Kennedy type Democrat running and the alternative was a Mormon who held to generally accepted conservative political views? Would you allow your son or daughter to be taught be a Mormon public school teacher? Will you move if a Mormon moves next door to you? Can your children play with Mormon kids? What would you do if you discovered your medical doctor of 40 years, who you trust and rely on, converted to Mormonism? What degree of separation from all things Mormon are you reasonably accountable for?

(9) To what degree is it wise to give great weight to a man’s religious views where those views suggest no clear threat to the responsibility of his office? I was alive then, but not not old enough to vote when JFK ran and won the presidency, but I am not aware that our country thus entered into submission to the Vatican. I suspect we are unlikely to collectively and nationally genuflect to Salt Lake City either should Romney win.

(10) The destruction of our health care system may be Obama’s opening move only. A second term may yield political and social horrors not yet considered. I beg you to tell me how a Romney presidency would be worse. Standing on principle are you? WHAT IS THAT PRINCIPLE??