Boudreaux & Thibodeaux: Argument Avoided

Boudreaux and Charmaine and Thibodeaux and Marie were vacationing in Florida. It had been a successful vacation, no fights, injuries, or arrests, and they were driving home to Louisiana.

But as they were going through Kissimmee there was a disagreement over the pronunciation. The ladies said it one way and the guys another. The disagreement began sinking toward an argument.

Charmaine saw what was happening and said, "We been getting along too good to fight over da name of dis place. Now, Boudreaux, pull up over dere. We’ll get something to eat and ax somebody."

"Good idea – dat’ll settle it – you’ll see dat I’m right," Boudreaux said, and pulled off into the parking lot.

After they had ordered their food Boudreaux said to the girl behind the counter, "Just so my wife gets it right, would you slowly and clearly say da name of dis place?"

"Sure," the girl replied. She took a deep breath and said, "Burrr gerrr Kiiing".