John MacArthur: “Reclaiming the culture is a ridiculous concept.”

So much for ‘holy hip-hop’.

If you like John MacArthur, and hip-hop, you won’t like this.

If what MacArthur says is true, and I believe it is, then a whole lot of excuses regarding ‘redeeming the hip-hop culture’  by way of holy hip-hop just went down the drain. Many who support the use of ‘holy hip-hop’ look up to and respect Mac’s opinions. When Mac says culture cannot be reclaimed, it’s a blow to the usefulness of holy hip-hop in the eyes of those who make such claims, regardless of ‘deep theological lyrics’.

The NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) made the claim that they could ‘reclaim the culture.”


First of all, they’re not gonna “reclaim the culture,” that is a ridiculous concept….

Yes it is, John. Yes it is. Now if only we could get the ‘holy hip-hop’ artists to believe that.

By the way, how long have I been telling you this?

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