When Israel Means the Church

So what we’ve been saying is, promises to Israel are to Israel. When you read about Israel, it means Israel, it doesn’t mean the church. – John MacArthur, Why Every Calvinist Should Be A Premillennialist (Part 5)


In Romans 4, Galatians 4, Ephesians 2, etc., the Apostle Paul articulates the seed of Abraham (Seed, singular) as being Christ – not descendants of natural Israel – and Christ is the head, and the Church is His bride, His body, comprised of both Jew AND Gentile as one body – the Church – regardless of racial origin.

God has communicated to His Bride exceedingly clear.

A problem, and a false doctrine here only arises when people refuse to acknowledge the two Israel’s that God has spoken of through His Apostle, Paul, thus opposing God’s Word.

It really is that simple.