The Beauty of A Simple Reconciliation

Some folks do things for selfish reasons. Others, like the Pharisees, do so to be noticed among men and lauded as spiritually mature.

But not everyone.

One Sunday, while my family was attending Radford Fellowship, a church plant by Paul Washer and the HeartCry Missionary Society, we were preparing to partake of the Lord’s Supper. It is an intimate moment among the brethren.

Yet the week prior, I had declared Paul Washer to be wrong in a post on prayer. On that Sunday of the Lord’s Supper, he sat two rows behind me.

It’s not always – make that never – easy to do your best to the glory of God and still please everyone.

When it came time to come forward, as was the practice there, my family stood up, we walked, and as I proceeded down the isle, Paul quietly called my name. I went to him, and he clarified his position and why he had said what he had in the video. I explained, quickly, why I responded as I had. We agreed and understood each other at that point.

Whatever issues, real or perceived, between us, had been understood and dismissed, in other words, we had been reconciled, whether we needed to or not.

The point is this: Paul Washer felt a need to be reconciled with me, and I had a definite tension that we differed. Instead of just thinking about it, he acted. I had not. He obeyed Scriptural testimony of Matthew 5:23, 24.

It’s ultimately not important as to who was right or wrong in this case. The point to be stressed, and what is, I believe, most helpful to the Church, is the willingness between members of a local fellowship to be reconciled to one another as quickly as possible – especially before partaking in the act of that which remembers and glorifies, our Lord’s most holy sacrifice.

Reconciliation is not only necessary between the brethren, but beneficial. It’s healthy for the Church. But it’s healthy and beneficial only if you are willing to participate in it, and remember that as Christ has forgiven you, so you forgive others, and be reconciled one to another.

It truly is a beautiful thing.