Love, Hard Work & the Respect of A Father


I’m an agrarian by philosophy (as opposed to industrialism and the myth/lie of the philosophy of progress), and hold in high esteem the agrarian lifestyle – farming. It was God’s first vocational calling for mankind – tilling the soil to grow things.

In Genesis 2:5, there was no man to cultivate the ground so after creating Adam from the dust, God first planted a garden (Genesis 2:8) and “then took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it” (Genesis 2:15).

Of course, after the fall of Adam and consequently, all of mankind, the creature bought the devil’s lie that he could be as the Creator, and the seeds of industrialism, progress and self-exaltation took root.

Being industrial is a good thing, but buying into the lies of industrialism is quite another. We’ve spoken about this before in the post Progress, Technology & the producers of Aimlessness.

Among the joys and benefits resulting in labor to the glory of God is the close ties created within the family – something industrialism with all the false promises of technology and adherers of the myth of progress cannot duplicate.

Below is a great example of what I’m talking about. Although a British commercial for bread, the ad demonstrates the growing bond between a father and son, both working hard to accomplish the needs of the day for the family farm.

The ad begins with the son asking, “Can I help you today dad?” with the father’s reply, “Are you up to it, lad?”

The willing-to-work heart of a young man, desiring the love and respect of his father – planting a scarecrow, carrying wood, rounding up chickens, pushing their stuck truck out of the mud, and some of this in the downpour of a hard rain.

It’s a feel-good but instructive advertisement, but have a tissue handy, just in case.