The Two Faces of the Gospel Coalition: Bringing Truth & Error Together

The best things that have been written are by Catholics during the Counter Reformation. Great stuff! – Tim Keller

If there was ever any doubt that the Gospel Coalition was engaged in bringing the truth of God’s Word, and the exceeding errors of Roman Catholicism together, I would think that this would erase all doubts from the minds of Tim Keller/TGC readers and fan-boys… then again, I’ve been wrong before.

“Here we have clear evidence of the fault line that runs through New Calvinism—its failure to separate from false teaching. We have seen one prominent leader of New Calvinism, Dr Tim Keller, openly promote Roman Catholic mysticism, while another leader of New Calvinism, Dr Albert Mohler, openly promotes the doctrines of the Reformation. And both are council members of the Gospel Coalition. But how can this be? How can truth and error walk side by side? The Apostle Paul instructs the Church: ‘Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them’ (Romans 16.17). This verse refers those who teach doctrines contrary to biblical truth. This undoubtedly applies to the mysticism of the Roman Catholic Church.    

Yet the Gospel Coalition, flagship of New Calvinism, not only does not oppose false teaching, rather it seems to glory in bringing truth and error together in one organisation.  Hence the ridiculous situation of the Coalition promoting both Tim Keller’s Catholic mysticism and Albert Mohler’s reformed Protestantism. While the Coalition professes to proclaim the doctrines of the Reformation, by its actions it has denied the Reformation. We can be certain that neither John Calvin, nor Martin Luther, nor Jonathan Edwards, nor Charles Spurgeon would be joined in fellowship with an organisation that promotes Roman mysticism.”

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