Eating Biscuits ‘to the Glory of God’


So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. – I Corinthians 10:31 (NASB)

This may be part rant, part exegesis. I’ve no idea at the moment. Frankly, I don’t have much time today to write, and yes, it’s bad practice, according to some, to post something just for the sake of posting. I’m not doing that here, and even if I were, the chances are small that I would even care. 🙂

I’d like to remind myself, and whoever reads this post today, that doing anything ‘to the glory of God’ is not automatically accepted by Him. I wish people would remind me of this, but, since few if any ever do, I’ll remind you and hope someday, you’ll return the favor.

I have been seeing young people, especially in the alleged ‘reformed camp’ selling all kinds of things – t-shirts, DVD’s, music, and yes, even rap (*zing*) and asking everyone within the social media earshot to buy it “to the glory of God” in support of some ‘ministry’. Of course, I’m not against tent-making to support the cause of the advancement of the Gospel, but let’s face it, there’s many a case where marketing is not about Gospel advancement, but fame and notoriety for said marketer.

But is glorifying God that easy? I mean, if I buy a t-shirt that has some lame Calvinistic, reformed, Jesus reference on it, are we glorifying God by purchasing it – or wearing it?

No, I don’t think so, at least not in the act itself, and Scripture is pretty clear about what constitutes glorifying God.

Listen, if I wake up in the morning, and my wife has made her famous southern-scratch biscuits; light, fluffy, warm and with all that melt-in-your-mouth goodness, lightly buttered along with orange marmalade and a tall glass of …sorry…got carried away. The point is, if she made me biscuits, can I sit down and eat one ‘to the glory of God?’

Yes, but only if my life were in line with the precepts of God’s Word, and that’s the point. Buying ‘Christian’ products doesn’t glorify God, nor does wearing them. More often than not, it’s a substitute for Christianity itself – which is hard, painful, a daily war, a struggle. You get the point. But with the fusion of charismatic and reformed theology, man, this is becoming more common than I would like to see. The fact is, wearing or buying this stuff may cause more temptations to sin than not. It can become a form of boasting, and not in the Lord, but in ones self, for getting the attention of wearing it, listening to it and telling others about it.

God’s glory is reflected in our lives. If our lives are not in accord with the precepts of Scripture, it is impossible to glorify God. Eat all the biscuits you want, and each time say “I’m eating this to God’s glory” and you’re just kidding yourself and leading others in deception.

Here’s the thing: the world should be able to see that we are God’s people, not because we are eating biscuits, but because our lives reflect the glory of God working in us. Eat the biscuit, but never think that declaring you’re doing it ‘to the glory of God’ means a hill of beans, because it doesn’t.

You want to do all things to the glory of God? Then live your life so the world sees God’s reputation enhanced, not tarnished.

Eating a biscuit will not enhance the glory of God. Neither will wearing a ‘Christian’ t-shirt, or listening to ‘Christian’ music.

You cannot eat a biscuit to the glory of God, unless those watching your life, know by your behavior that God is working in your life. You cannot increase God’s glory, but you can affect how other’s see the glory of God in you by the decisions you make.

So eat your proverbial biscuit, and enjoy it, but don’t tell me you’re doing so to the glory of God. It’s not the biscuit, or any other action that matters.

The way we live our lives, reflecting God’s working in us, that is what matters.