Government Dependency

By Brian Koenig

American dependence on government has soared to an all-time high under the Obama administration, growing 23 percent in just two years, according to a new study by the Heritage Foundation. The conservative research group’s 2012 "Index of Dependence on Government" revealed that 67 million Americans are now banking on some federal program, including programs related to healthcare, housing, welfare, education subsidies, and other government programs that were "traditionally provided to needy people by local organizations and families."

The one in five Americans who now rely on federal assistance cost the government $2.5 billion annually, and the average recipient collects $32,748 in benefits, about $300 more than the country’s average disposable personal income. About 70 percent of the federal budget goes to individual assistance and nearly half of the population does not pay a dime in income taxes. …
Editor?s note: $36,748 ($3,000 per month just from "Big Brother", and not counting local and state handouts) for doing nothing except filling out mountains of paperwork, and maybe deceiving doctors! Considering inflation, that is probably not as much as I made in the building trades in the ’60s, but I certainly had to work for that money. Obama has purchased the votes for his re-election with printing press money. The inflation from that fiat money forces us to support those government handouts every time we make a retail purchase. It will remain to be seen if the voters will faithfully vote for more of the same, Obama. The state has now become the family, local community, religious community and the local government. $3,000 a month!!

Is it any wonder people now look to the state as their god to supply all their needs.

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