Grasping the Gospel

I am angry.

Not in a sinful way, but I am angry.

I am angry that there are preachers and teachers out there in this world who are doing their dead-level best to convince you, my brethren, that you will never fully comprehend the Gospel.

Listen to me. If you cannot comprehend the Gospel, you cannot be saved at all. If you cannot grasp the Gospel in this life before it is over for you, you will die in your sins and suffer eternal punishment in Hell under the wrath of God Almighty, forever, do you understand that?

If you cannot grasp the Gospel, than God stuttered, did not communicate clearly, and your damnation will have an excuse, but that is not the case, is it?

No, God did not stutter, He did not mis-communicate, He was not vague, nor did He make the one thing necessary for salvation incomprehensible. Such thinking is no less than post-modernism.

The only thing necessary for the Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation, to be effective, is the application of its truth through its preaching by the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit.

Any man who tells you the Gospel cannot or will never be fully grasped, is either ignorant of sound biblical theology and deceived himself, or, is intentionally deceiving others. What other options are there?

The following video is of Paul Washer. You should know that I love him. He is my brother in Christ. I have fellowshipped with this man in his church plant, and have enjoyed his company for well over a year. We have prayed, eaten, fellowshipped, joked around and I have learned much from him, and for that I am grateful and have been blessed. I have enjoyed the fellowship of HeartCry ministry immensely.

But I cannot, and must not, approve of any teaching that says the Gospel cannot be grasped, or that the Gospel is the only thing necessary for one to contemplate in order to be made ethically sanctified.

Within the first few minutes in this video, Bro. Washer says:

You will spend an eternity of eternities in heaven and you will still not begin to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If that’s true, no one can be saved. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, and if it cannot be fully understood or grasped, the hearers of it will be lost. If they cannot understand or grasp it, how can they be saved at all? This is New Calvinism Gospel sanctification, and that is just not true. It’s not biblical teaching.

Paul Washer accuses the Church of reducing the Gospel to 4 spiritual laws and an alter call – and he is spot on right! Amen.

At the same time, Paul Washer has reduced Christianity to Gospel contemplation, and that is spot-on wrong, totally unbiblical. I challenge any Christian in this world to show me a consistent teaching in Scripture where the Gospel will never fully be grasped, or that it is the only thing whereby we will be made righteous in an ethical, moral sense.

Anyone? I didn’t think so.