Why Pray for the Lord’s Presence?

Have you ever been involved in corporate prayer in your local fellowship and heard prayers that were – how should I say it – unnecessary?

For example, why have I heard so many plead to the Lord repeatedly for His presence as if He is not, in fact, present among them? We’re not talking about the Second Advent here, we’re talking about prayers requesting His presence prior to that.

Listen, a true Christian lives in the presence of the Lord at all times, every day. Look at Matthew 28:20:

teaching them to observe all that I commanded you. And lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.

Now, this is not a promise of the Lord. It is a fact to be believed. The pronoun “I” in the verb (used only when emphatic) declares to every true believer of every age that the Lord Christ Himself is present with us 24/7, 365 days of the year – no exceptions.

So…why do Christians pray for His presence, or sometimes for the Holy Spirit to ‘come down’ among them? Why the unnecessary pleading for the presence of the Lord?

“We need your presence Lord, please visit us this morning!”

Stop it – If you are truly a believer, He said that He was present with you and the Lord was emphatic. If you believed His Word, you would know for certain that He is present and give thanks for it.

“O God! We are desperate for your presence, we need you, we are empty and vile apart from your being with us!”

Yes, indeed, if He is not present with you, you are lost and without salvation as Romans 8:9 specifically says:

Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him.

Listen brethren, if you must repeatedly ask for the presence of the Spirit, there are only so many options here:

  1. According to Romans 8:9, if you need to ask for the Spirit’s presence or indwelling, you are lost altogether and without salvation.

Or, as in many cases….

  1. You have been manipulated by those who seek ‘a revival’, or most likely within new Calvinist churches, a  ‘second Pentecost’ – as if that were possible – and you bought into their message without checking the declarations of God’s written Word. This is especially true if you have been taught that Christians are ‘totally depraved’ and ‘vile creatures’. No, you’re not, if you are saved. You are a new creature in Christ, and you are a saint – regardless of how you feel.

If that is the case, please stop that as well.

I know by my own experience – I’ve witnessed it first-hand – that many leading evangelist-preachers (so-called) are under the delusion that the mantle of ‘recovering the Gospel’ has been handed down to them for a modern-day revival of reformation doctrine.

News flash: It was never lost in the first place.

There was no demon that escaped God’s notice. There was no truth of God that got ripped off and taken from the church while you were busy with sin. Come on. The facts are in the written Word of God. Everything else is spewed, foamy deception from Hell.

And the manipulative teaching and encouragement of this type of prayer – which is a flat denial of written fact – is encouraged in new Calvinist churches.

Bottom line is that if you are in a fellowship that encourages this type of prayer and thinking, you need to do at least two things:

  1. Approach your pastor (most likely an ‘elder’ – and I use that term incredibly loosely), and ask him point blank if this is a valid, biblical prayer. If he says it is, run, as fast and as far as you can. He is either deceived or intentionally deceiving. Either way, grab your family and run. Stick to the written Word and what it says.
  2. If he says it is not, ask quite frankly why such prayers are allowed to continue and influence young minds and hearts being molded by this nonsense.

Where this type of corporate prayer is encouraged or allowed, or other non-biblical doctrines like ‘Gospel sanctification’ or ‘repenting of good works’ is espoused, there are those in leadership who should not be, and that is not, of course,  in your best spiritual interest.

Brethren, we walk through life by faith, not by sight, and that includes charismatic experiences. 2 Corinthians 5:7.