A Mule Named Hiney


An old farmer and his grandson owned a mule called Hiney.

Things weren’t going very well on the farm and  the bills were mounting. They decided it would be best to take Hiney to the city to be sold. The old farmer and his grandson started to walk Hiney down the road.

A woman saw them and shouted, "You foolish people! Why are you walking when you have a mule you could ride?"

They decided she had a point and climbed on the mule.

Down the road a ways another woman called to them, "What fools you are! With both of you riding that mule, he will become exhausted and drop dead!"

So the old man climbed off.

A little farther down the road a farmer shouted. "You foolish lad,
making your old grandfather walk while you ride! Aren’t you ashamed?"

The boy climbed off and urged the grandfather to get back on.

A short time later an old woman called out." You foolish man! That poor mule looks as if he is going to drop dead. Get off and carry him for a while!"

Thinking that she had a point, the grandfather dismounted, hoisted the mule on his back and headed toward the city.

When he came to a bridge he lost his footing and dropped the mule into the river. Of course the poor animal drowned.

The moral of this story is this: If you try to please everyone, you will lose your Hiney!