The Evangelical Will Kane Moment

high_noonCarl Trueman has done it now. I’m a little disappointed.

You see, Phil Johnson wrote a piece called Evangelical Exhibitionists and Carl Trueman called it Another Kane Moment.

Will Kane, that is, and that is what bugs me. I’ll explain later.

Granted, Phil’s post on Mark Driscoll was a decent one, yet consider this:

1) the subject was mainly the exhibitionism of Mark Driscoll. Well, that’s way too easy of a target, and here’s the thing, it’s more of an evangelical, unwanted, non-moving fish in a barrel. Moreover, Johnson makes a statement that deserves applauding: “How bad will it have to get before true leaders in the church and in the various gospel-centered movements find their voices and start calling the church–and some of these out-of-control exhibitionist preachers–to shooting-fish-in-a-barrelrepentance?”

2) Then of course, Trueman says this:

I suspect, if recent history is any safe guide, that Phil will find that this post leaves him being regarded by those to whom he is referring as part of the problem, not part of the solution.  It may not be his wedding day, but it is his Kane moment — not Charlie this time, but Will.

Spare me. If you read the article, Johnson is referring to the Driscoll followers, other exhibitionist preachers, the YRR’s and the whole New Calvinist movement. Wonderful, and spot on.

And yet….Carl, oh Carl, why? Why compare this Johnson article to a Will Kane moment? That’s as silly as calling homosexuality ‘sexual confusion’.

Ok, now’s a good time to bring all you newbies to the film classic of ‘High Noon’, one of the great westerns.

Will Kane….oh never mind, you can find youtube videos and descriptions all over the net. Suffice it to say that Will Kane, in the film, faced four extremely dangerous killers. FOUR. Not one fish in a barrel.

Will Kane faced four killers who were after him, and he stood his ground in the name of truth and justice. (video)

Fact is, the real Will Kane of evangelicalism is the guy who is willing to risk all in order confront those major, most dangerous killers of orthodox Christianity.

The evangelical Will Kane would be willing to face, and theologically slaughter the propagators of premillennial dispensationalism, like John MacArthur, or the purveyors of New Calvinism like the Gospel Coalition, naming names like John Piper and the rest of the kool-aid drinking followers while theologically shooting the likes of the Bells, McLarens, the Beth Moore’s, et al, all in the name of doctrinal purity.

When I see someone willing to take on all the major threats of true biblical Christianity, then, and only then, will we have found a Will Kane of the likes in ‘High Noon.’ In the meantime, the back-scratching continues…..