Denial of Christian Duty



When there is a diet of shapeless sermons and imprecise teaching, many people are persuaded to deny what is biblically obvious. Witty phrases and emotive analogies begin to trump direct and clear statements found throughout the New Testament. Biblical statutes are dismissed on the authority of pastoral illustrations. “Frolicking in the shadow of the cross”, “bathing in grace” and “basking in Jesus” start to invalidate the clear biblical call to “decide”, “choose” and “work out our salvation”. With the popularity of all of this fuzzy language it is understandable why many Christians begin to feel “unfit for their office or unpardonably stupid” for not joining in. But if we are to be faithful to the God of Scripture we dare not reject or neglect what he has so plainly revealed in order to garner the affirmation of the evangelical in-crowd or to pursue some ill-advised respite from the duty of Christian sanctification.

Mike Fabarez