Wanted–100,000 Dorothy Boyds

2012 is here, and 5ptsalt.com is undergoing changes. Looks for one. So far, this has been an interesting, and in many ways, incredible run. How long will it last? I‘ve no idea. How did it get started? I could almost answer the same. I’ve no idea.

But, that wouldn’t be totally true.

I know what happened, background-wise, that caused me to sit down in front of this infernal piece of metal called a computer, and begin to blog even when I had no concept of what a blog was, that much is certain.

I do know that God controlled the whole of my life. He knew exactly where I was going, and what was happening all along, even when I didn’t see it, even when I was not trusting Him. I said I was, I preached that I was, but I wasn’t always.

I am so very human. So very frail.

Well, with 2012 upon us, I can say this. We’re here now. This is it. We are where we are, and to God be the glory, even if we don’t like our current circumstance.

I’ve always had an admiration of sorts, for this clip from the movie Jerry Maguire. There are some parallels here to what I’ve experienced in ministry, but not complete by any means.

I’ve never been dismissed from the pulpit, never run out of a church, but I most certainly have had a dream, in ministry, held the bulk of my life, that was an idol I didn’t recognize….until 2008. God always knows what’s best for His servants. It may be painful when the Father takes your dream away, it may hurt you in ways you never conceived as it did me, but Romans 8:28 will always apply.

Hurt is why I started this blog. Right or wrong, I did it.

I can so relate to this clip from Jerry MaGuire.

2012 is pregnant with potential. 5ptsalt is growing and from all indications from readers from all over the world, many have benefited. To God be the glory.

Now, who’s coming with me?